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EneFrame is a new South African based company that manufactures the next generation of WiFi enabled smart battery systems (Patent pending: 2021/01641). We offer the best battery you can buy for your residential solar or backup power installation. Our batteries will provide you with reliable power for a long time.

Like a well-trained endurance athlete, we make sure our manufactured batteries are reliable, durable and exceptional. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, our batteries are hand-assembled in small quantities and properly tested to ensure they will last you more than a decade.

We’re proud to have a fully locally developed modular intelligent battery management system, which we combine with A-grade lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells to produce a truly exceptional product.

Why you should buy EneFrame batteries:

  • Modular Intelligent Battery Management System running on a dual core CPU, with wireless WiFi data sharing and automatic internet software updates

  • Web based monitoring, reports and alerts, including our free remote monitoring service gives you piece of mind - our battery connects to your WiFi router

  • The most intelligent cell balancing capabilities in the market, ensuring maximum battery health

  • Our batteries come with a best in industry 8-year full guarantee

  • A locally developed and leading "stand-alone" and autonomous battery management system for maximum reliability and power cell longevity

  • High cycle A-grade lithium iron phosphate cells ensuring maximum lifespan, enclosed in a precision engineered wall or standing frame for optimal thermal management

  • Locally hand-assembled, small quantity production of the highest standards

Please click on the menus at the top of the page for detailed information, our blog and our battery user guide.

Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to find out more detail or where to buy our batteries.

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We hand-picked and carefully designed our battery components to ensure that it offers class-leading performance. The A-grade lithium iron phosphate cells, combined with battery vital monitoring (voltages, temperature, balancing) ensures class leading reliability and durability. Our engineered enclosure ensures optimal thermal management and mounting flexibility.

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EneFrame developed its own battery management system from the ground up. This allows us to implement the best in class software to control, monitor and connect your batteries to ensure maximum longevity and reliability. The fully modular design allows you to connect any quantity of batteries in what ever configuration you desire.

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Our batteries were purposefully designed to meet the needs of residential installations... offering what is needed without over complicating the product. They function as basic power units, which you can connect to any inverter / charger that can be configured. They can be dropped into your current installation as a lead-acid battery replacement.

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Our batteries are fully Wi-Fi enabled, allowing them to connect to your home Wi-Fi network to publish all key information to our management website. This not only gives you remote visibility of your batteries, but also allows us to give you advice to ensure the longevity of your battery investment. By registering online for our free lifetime remote monitoring, we are able to offer you an industry leading 8-year full guarantee.

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Feel free to contact us using email, this web form or come visit us at our factory for product demos and more information

Cradleview Industrial Park (Unit 4), Johan rd, Honeydew, Johannesburg

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