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EneFrame batteries are different than anything else in the market. We have custom developed smart software, battery connectivity, battery health monitoring and predictive algorithms that ensure our batteries will last longer. They even look good and will be the showpiece of your solar system.

Patent pending: 2021/01641



Each EneFrame battery module comes as a standalone self-managed unit, which can easily be connected in series or parallel to form a battery of any size and voltage. Most installations consist out of 4 batteries connected in series to make a 48-volt battery system.

  • 12.8 volt nominal voltage (Recommended 14.2 volt bulk charge, 13.4 float).

  • 270 amp-hour capacity (3500 watt-hours)

  • Durable LiFePO4 cells with more than 3000 full cycles, estimated life of 10-15 years.

  • Fully modular and flexible - expand and add more batteries at any time to increase the size of your battery bank.

  • Batteries connection terminal uses a 175 amp heavy-duty Anderson plug for safety and convenience.

  • Battery on/off switch.

  • Battery sleep wake-up (power saving) touch button.

  • Pre-charge button for added inverter protection when connecting batteries.

  • Management system for balancing cells, monitoring and settings

  • 250 amp inline fuse

  • Max recommended continuous charge and discharge rate of 120 amp, short duration max up to 200 amp.

  • Touch screen interface, with configurable alarms, cut-offs and battery statistics.

  • Pre-charge connect circuit for surge current limiting

  • Auto battery disconnect for over/under voltage, and temperature (fully autonomous and configurable)

  • Recommended operating temperature of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. Must be kept indoors in a cool and dry environment.

  • Our batteries come with an 8-year full guarantee (subject to being connected to WiFi to enable remote health monitoring).

  • Our batteries are individually serviceable, and any individual cell or battery in a battery bank can be replaced if needed.



Each battery is WiFi enabled

  • Multiple batteries wirelessly connect to each other to smartly form an integrated larger battery monitoring system.

  • The single touch screen allows you to view and control all batteries in a system.

  • The batteries connect to your wifi network, which allows publishing of battery stats to the only monitoring website.

  • We together with our AI web system actively monitor your battery health vitals remotely, and will notify you if there are any observed issues.

  • Download your battery full history as an Excel file to analyse the detail as you require

  • Our battery purposefully does not  come with a communications interface to your inverter / charger (CANbus / RS485) - it is autonomous. Works with any inverter - charge settings and cut-offs to be configured on your inverter or external battery management system. The battery's own cut-off capability ensures that it can function independently to maximise safety and minimise external dependencies.



Highly flexible and configurable: Connect to any inverter / charger, change the charge and cut-off settings, and go!

Through the touch screen you can control, view and set:

  • Battery configuration (battery numbers, series and parallel connections)

  • Current state and operation

  • Built in alarm thresholds (voltage, temperature, etc. - configurable)

  • View histories and statistics

  • Connect to your network

  • Set light effects (Full LED control - configurable)

Laser Cutting


Our batteries are manufactured from an engineered stainless steel frame.  This gives it excellent rigidity, durability and thermal management, while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic.

  • Battery dimensions: 52cm wide, by 56cm tall, by 13cm deep

  • Wall mountable: Yes, comes with wall brackets.

  • Stackable: Yes (Maximum of 4 units). 

Specifications: Features
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