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EneFrame v2 has arrived!

We have been quietly slaving away over the last months working hard on our new revised version of our even further improved battery. We are excited to announce our new battery, which includes the following exciting changes:

  • New 270 amp-hour a-grade lithium iron phosphate cells, for even more capacity. (Our single 12-volt battery now holds almost 3.5kw-hours of energy.)

  • A drastically improved precision engineered new enclosure, bringing much more utility.

  • Improved battery connectors, which allows for easy and safe plug and play capability.

  • A master battery on-off switch.

  • A pre-charge circuit button.

  • A beautiful LED effect name on the front panel with controllable RGB effects.

  • Even further improved software on our touch-screen interface, with more settings and configuration options.

  • Improved cell balancing and battery health routines, which now includes predictive analytics using past battery data.

The above improvements take the EneFrame battery to a whole new level, and we are very excited!

We are also hard at work on several other components, including the management portal and remote battery monitoring service. We are planning to deploy a drastically improved website with much more usable reports and alerts by the end of April.

Also a warm welcome to our two latest electrical engineers, Kavir and Taole, who joined our EneFrame team in February!

I will post and provide updates a bit more often on further progress, and especially on the website and battery software, which is going to be a key focus over the next two months.

Talk soon!

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