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EneFrame - And so it begins!

Solar energy solutions and specifically efficient energy storage has been a keen interest of mine for many years. I have finally made the move from researching and planning into execution, and after more than a year of design, development and mobilising an idea into a new startup we are finally here!

3000+ lines of c programming code, 10 test versions of batteries, more than I dare to mention all-nighters, and numerous "friendly" installs later... we finally have an excellent product.

EneFrame has finally produced its first commercial batch of residential solar batteries on the 1st of August 2020. We are still small batch production with no real marketing plan, but our product is polished and ready to launch.

The work never really ends: scale our production, recruit key staff, further enhance our website, improve remote monitoring and expand the battery management system. But that will come with time. The core is in place, and we will expand from here.

Watch this space! Jaco Kachelhoffer - Computer scientist, entrepreneur and electrical enthusiast

P.S. Apologies in advance for the web content that is still in draft, and also the user manual that is not fully complete... working on it. Lots of these finer details will mature over the next months, and I will share more detail as we reach key milestones.

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